Snap Shot of Life!

Our tractor is up and running after a fresh coat of paint and a few new

parts. Makes our front yard weed whacking quite a bit easier-

there’s a lot of front yard to our house!

A recent big surprise – no not kids ( you would not find

that listed on a blog for an announcement*) surprise was a new fridge.

Wow! Just like this one : ) Rick & Linda, thanks for the advice you gave my


This next picture was in the middle of a down poor

but you can see the new addition of some extra green in the

the yard.  Got them big time on sale! There are some perks to being a late

blooming landscaper I guess.

Here is Stacey landscaping!

Here’s Stacey in his riding gear.

And here is Whiz in our NEW round pen – no gear needed!

We are super loving our new investment and have already spent

many hours behind our new metal bars. Mostly breaking

Shawndra’s mare Shady.

Speaking of Shawndra, one of our recent adventures together

was trapping and relocating a raccoon.

Here’s here is the relocating part

On the subject of relocating. Don’t ever forget the mighty power of spray paint.

This was our ugly front yard light and a little TLC

from a willing spray can made us…

a lovely addition to the back side of our house.

You may notice we have now completed the log

siding on  the remaining 1/4 of our house. Doesn’t it

look nice!

Fresh Basil:

O, and we would not want to leave out the documentation of the first attempt at indoor tomato growing. Long story, all i can say is that the argument of weather or not they will get pollinated indoors is a legitimate one

and in making this happen an electric tooth brush can be a very useful aid. However in the event that the enthusiasm of this new found and highly necessary job – that of pollinating your tomatoes by hand- become

somthing that you make an every day routine, you consequently run the risk of potential structural difficulties when all 55 tomatoes are the same size and hanging from the same branch.

Why can’t survival of the fittest have a little more presence in my garden?


These are a few of my favorite things…..

You know how once in a while you come across something and it is just your favorite thing. You know the kind of thing you can hardly believe you could have lived with out, or at least wonder why you did try to live with out them. But often you for get to tell those around you or it just doesn’t come up in conversation. Some of these may apply to you some may be something you’ll never use, some of them you told me about! THANKS!


Folex Stain Remover. Thank you Cherie!

O K so i know a lot of you don’t have coffee to spill in the car but maybe you obtained a car with coffee stains already added for you…. at any rate this stuff is amazing. You will clean a spot and then have to clean the whole area because the place you cleaned is so much cleaner then what surrounds it!


Pandora Radio! Thanks Michael Strange

So basically it is a free internet radio that you can tailor to what you like. I have a station i play for my massage clients and one i play to clean house fast, one for dinner, one while people are coming in for our cell group and so on! Its great.


Not sure what to call this: But unbelievable

You can click on the pic to go to the site. It will be worth your 2 minutest to look at it.



On the much more FUN side of life. Vacations!  If you haven’t met VRBO check it out. You can click on the pic to go there.

Better Bear

Here are a few pictures from our “new” hallway bath. This project was a mixture of new texture on the walls, new color on the walls, painting and distressing the vanity cabinet, building, painting, and installing new trim, re-framing the mirror, removing, repainting and then re-installing the fixtures, a new vanity light, some drywall repair and that about sums it up.





These are a few of my favorite things: Countinued

Ever heard of “threading”? We’ll I hadn’t either but now it seems to be my middle name. I introduced it to my mother in love who has a highly “permotive” personality. And  before i know it I am demoing my new fascination at Thanksgiving dinner. Well after the dinner…

I may be all night trying to describe it to you so here is a link you can see it for your self.

Another favorite thing of mine lately is the newly birthed “Cell” blog.  The idea is to be a resource for cell leading to pool ideas and be an inspiration to each other. It is coming along feel free to take a look.

Better after? Maybe

The most i can hope for this is to be a slight wind of insinuation to someone who passes by.  I don’t own stock on the spray paint production but I am an avid fan folloing my recent conversion facilitated by my wonderful sister-in-law! Love her!

So i open my Christmas box and all is see is RED.

We’ll – red was fun…last year. This year i am thinking something different would be good. So I head to Walley world- And get discouraged with spending 100 + just to redo my tree color….

A moment of exploratory thought lead me straight to the paint! You got it!

I headed home with 2 bottles of 3 dollar spay paint and set my self up a little painting station…. And ; 0

Apples for Apples

After staring at 9 Boxes of Apples one at a time…I sorta wonder why Eve fell for an Apple! I mean they’re OK- but for real!