Snap Shot of Life!

Our tractor is up and running after a fresh coat of paint and a few new

parts. Makes our front yard weed whacking quite a bit easier-

there’s a lot of front yard to our house!

A recent big surprise – no not kids ( you would not find

that listed on a blog for an announcement*) surprise was a new fridge.

Wow! Just like this one : ) Rick & Linda, thanks for the advice you gave my


This next picture was in the middle of a down poor

but you can see the new addition of some extra green in the

the yard.  Got them big time on sale! There are some perks to being a late

blooming landscaper I guess.

Here is Stacey landscaping!

Here’s Stacey in his riding gear.

And here is Whiz in our NEW round pen – no gear needed!

We are super loving our new investment and have already spent

many hours behind our new metal bars. Mostly breaking

Shawndra’s mare Shady.

Speaking of Shawndra, one of our recent adventures together

was trapping and relocating a raccoon.

Here’s here is the relocating part

On the subject of relocating. Don’t ever forget the mighty power of spray paint.

This was our ugly front yard light and a little TLC

from a willing spray can made us…

a lovely addition to the back side of our house.

You may notice we have now completed the log

siding on  the remaining 1/4 of our house. Doesn’t it

look nice!

Fresh Basil:

O, and we would not want to leave out the documentation of the first attempt at indoor tomato growing. Long story, all i can say is that the argument of weather or not they will get pollinated indoors is a legitimate one

and in making this happen an electric tooth brush can be a very useful aid. However in the event that the enthusiasm of this new found and highly necessary job – that of pollinating your tomatoes by hand- become

somthing that you make an every day routine, you consequently run the risk of potential structural difficulties when all 55 tomatoes are the same size and hanging from the same branch.

Why can’t survival of the fittest have a little more presence in my garden?


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